The secret of the delicious flavour of Indian food is its rich spices that are used for thousands of years and spreading all over the world. The environment of India is perfect; heavy humidity, high rainfall, dry and hot weather favours the conditions for growth of different spices. In a country like India, people grind the spices in mortar and pastel that gives unique tang to food. Grinded spices have more taste as compared to machinery grinded spices. Apart from above functions, spice also prevents rotting of food. They slow down the growth of bacteria and aids in preservation. There are many places in India where people still preserve their food through this technique due to unavailability of electricity. Our approach towards HIMALAYAN SPICES & PULSES has made us realise to introduce these rare products native to the mountains & to make maximum benefit out of it by supplying them to the global market. Demand for Indian spices & pulses remains stable despite the Covid-19 situation. Leading buyers and trade associations in foreign countries have reiterated their demand for Indian spices & pulses. The new found emphasis in the global market on the immunity boosting properties of food items greatly favours these products with significant potential to boost exports.

  • In FY20, spices worth US$ 3.62 billion were exported.
  • During FY19, a total of 1.10 million tonnes of spices and spice products valued US$ 2.80 billion was exported from the country
  • Top 10 importers of Indian spices & pulses in FY19 were US, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Thailand, UK, UAE, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka & so on.
  • Overall consumption has been increased & the world is benefitting from the Indian spice & pulses.