It is said that India makes 95 per cent of the world’s handmade textiles, a glorious testament to our 2,000-year-old craft heritage, unique to each geographical community within the country. This diversity in textiles and superior artistry of craftsmen is unmatched elsewhere. In India, every state has its own cultural identity. And an essential part of that is the attire of the people. Did you know that not just the outfits, but even the fabric used to make them are unique to each state of India? Yes, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region has its own handloom techniques that are used to weave many unique fabrics. 
Kalamkari, Apatani, Muga Silk, BhagalpuriSilk, Kosa Silk, Kunbi, Bandhani, Panja Durries, Kullu Shawls, Kuchai Silk, Mysore Silk, Kasavu, Chanderi, Paithani, Phanek, Eri Silk, Puans, Naga Shawls, Sambalpuri Saree, Phulkari, Shisha, Lepcha, Kanjeewaram Silk, Pochampally Ikat, Pachra, Chikankari, Panchachuli Weave etc are some of the types of fabrics in india which show the cultural influence & rich diversity throughout the country.