A new Lifestyle Post Covid


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A new Lifestyle Post Covid

We also work with various manufacturers who can discover the new possibilities in the Herbal & Ayurveda sector. As we all know that India has been home to Ayurveda since 5000 years, the recent demand encouraged us to explore new possibilities to offer the world.Clove India International is partnered with several farmers, labs, experts & […]

Promote and push local Manufacturers

Clove India International promotes rural manufacturers & small/medium businesses operated by locals & by utilizing their skills & resources to form an ecosystem which can produce quality goods in the given time frame.

Quality as per International Standard

We believe that rural industries play a major part in the economy by manufacturing pure, authentic & quality goods. Unlike others, we believe in strengthening the base by pushing & supporting the local manufacturing sector to deliver the purest form directly to the international markets.

Committed to delivering. Value the Relationship

We are committed to delivering the best quality standard & ensure long lasting experience for all our present & future clients. We value our client’s requirements & believe in making long term relationships by gaining their trust & understanding.

The Export capability and Potential

The export capability & potential in India is unmatched & we as a young export company, committed to take this opportunity to the international markets by engaging ourselves as much as we can. Our aim is to introduce & provide products & services to the Global society at an affordable price without compromising in quality.

Multiple varieties of Products

Clove India International has been into domestic business for a long time. We are partnered With different manufacturers, distributors/suppliers across the country with multiple varieties of products & services to the international market.

Opportunity to Explore and offer

Clove India International is an export company having networks in different states throughout the country primarily operating from New Delhi & Uttarakhand, India. Our long & vast experience in dealing domestic markets made us gain expertise in the export industry & has opened opportunities for us to deliver our products & services globally.